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Bixolon Thermal Printer

Bixolon SRP-330II Thermal Printer

Bixolon SRP-330II Thermal Printer Budget doesn’t mean a reduction in quality, the SRP-330II is a cost-effective thermal POS printing solution which pairs value with reliability with a 150km TPH and 1.5 million cuts Auto Cutter. This high quality printing solution prints high quality graphics at 180 or 203 dpi at 220mm/second and an optional paper

Bixolon Thermal Printer

Bixolon SRP-Q300 Thermal Printer

Bixolon SRP-Q300 Series Thermal Printer The SRP-Q300 series is a multi-functional cube 3-inch (80mm) cube Thermal Desktop printer offering flexible mPOS receipt printing from smart devices. Supporting front-exit printing, the SRP-Q300 series is designed to free up counters space and compliment the latest mPOS system. The complete series includes the SRP-Q300 (mPOS Printer), SRP-Q300B(Built-in Battery)