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CipherLab RK26 Android Mobile Computer

CipherLab RK26 Mobile Computer

CipherLab RK26 Mobile Computer CipherLab’s RK26 is a rugged Wi-Fi 6 mobile computer with an IP65 rating and 1.8m impact resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor tasks. It features replaceable and rechargeable 4000mAh battery, ergonomic design for one-handed use, responsive keypads, multiple scan readers, a 16MP camera, OCR technology, and Wi-Fi 6 for efficient data

Types of Barcodes

Different Types of Barcodes Explained

Different Types of Barcodes Explained In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often encounter those enigmatic lines and patterns on the products we purchase.  These seemingly cryptic symbols are barcodes, and they play a crucial role in our modern world. Barcodes have revolutionized the way we manage inventory, conduct business transactions, and

Wireless Barcode Scanner

NEXA ZED 2251 Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D

NEXA ZED 2251 Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D The NEXA ZED 2251 Wireless Barcode Scanner is a pocket handheld device that reads 1D as well as 2D barcodes using wireless connectivity. It captures barcode data, like product details or inventory codes, and transfers it wirelessly to a connected device. This enhances mobility and accuracy in various

Wireless Barcode Scanner

NEXA ZED 2951 Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D

NEXA ZED 2951 Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D The NEXA ZED 2951 Wireless Barcode Scanner is a handheld device that wirelessly reads and decodes barcodes using its cardle or Bluetooth. It emits light to scan barcodes, transmitting data to computers or devices. Can be used in retail, logistics, and more, it enhances efficiency and accuracy by

Label Printer

TSC MB240 MB340 MB240T MB340T Industrial Label Printers

TSC MB Series 4-Inch Performance Industrial Printers Available in four models, the TSC MB Series includes the MB240, MB340, MB240T and MB340T which all offer users a flexible footprint, an easy to understand operator interface, and a full set of options to meet nearly every light industrial printing application. Contact Us TSC MB Series Features

Label Printer

TSC ML240 ML340 ML240P ML340P Industrial Label Printers

TSC ML Series 4-Inch Compact Industrial Label Printers Take a step into a new generation of smaller industrial barcode label printers that are designed to fit into more work areas. They feature a durable design, ease-of-use, noise-reduced printing, self-diagnostic TPH Care and easy maintenance. Contact Us TSC ML Series Features & Benefits The compact footprint

Urovo K329 Portable Receipt Printer

Urovo K329 Mobile Receipt Label Printer

The New Urovo K329 Mobile Receipt Label Printer Compact, Innovative, Lightweight and Cost-Effective. Carry it with you wherever you are in the workplace. Contact Us Small and lightweight, extremely portable The Urovo K329 portable direct thermal label printer supports different printing materials, including thermal adhesives and receipts. K329 mobile barcode label printer is ideal for logistics, in-retail,

Wearable Barcode Scanner

ProGlove Wearable Scanners

PROGLOVE WEARABLE BARCODE SCANNERS AUSTRALIA Gain A Competitive Edge with ProGlove Wearable Scanners ProGlove’s glove scanners are the lightest and fastest in the market. In combination with our superior analytics platform they provide valuable insights that secure critical benefits for operational leaders while supplying frontline workers not only with the tools they need, but the

Asset Tracking and Management App

Asset Trail – Complete Fixed Asset Management App with…

Asset Trail is an all-in-one asset management app that provides businesses with real-time tracking, movement, the whereabouts and reporting of their assets. Asset Trail allows businesses to efficiently manage their assets throughout their lifecycle easily in mobile mode. The app’s barcode scanning capabilities enable easy asset identification and tracking, it ensures that data is easily accessible. Use Asset Trail with your smart device or install it on an Android mobile computer with built in barcode scanner to enable its full potential and use.

Bixolon Thermal Printer

Bixolon STP-103III Thermal Printer

Bixolon STP-103III Thermal Printer The BIXOLON 2-inch STP-103III Direct Thermal printing solution offers a low volume receipt, reporting and ETF POS printing solution ideal for applications in Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and more where a compact printing solution is required. Featuring a dual interface (USB + Serial/Parallel) with a serial to parallel cable included in the