Arnotts Biscuits Australia Barcode System

R&D Ingredients Control for ARNOTT’S BISCUITS AUSTRALIA.


R&D Ingredients Control for ARNOTT’S BISCUITS AUSTRALIA – Another Custom Developed Barcode Tracking System.

R&D Ingredients Control is a custom program we developed for ARNOTT’S BISCUITS AUSTRALIA for the purpose of tracking their wide range of ingredients supplied by a number of their vendors around the country.

R&D Ingredients Control is divided into two client programs, one on desktop which acts as an admin client and one runs on PDA handheld mobile computers which communicate via Wi-Fi to the desktop client in order to exchange data. Desktop generates auto barcode ID numbers which are then printed onto labels to be stuck onto the ingredients pack in order to track the movements, dates, suppliers, SAP Nos, projects, trials and the final product the ingredients will be used in finished goods such as Tim Tams.

This tracking process is very crucial for ARNOTT’S BISCUITS AUSTRALIA, as the integrity of the final products or new trial batches e.g. (a new flavor of Tim Tams) are solely made up of the ingredient elements being tracked by the R&D Ingredient Control custom program which was developed to suit these specific needs.

The hardware devices used in this project were:

  1. CipherLab CP30/CP60 Laser 1D Barcode PDA Mobile Computer
  2. TSC TTP-247 Barcode Label Printer
  3. Thermal Direct Stickers