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Asset Management Software with Wasp Asset Cloud

Asset Cloud can handle your organization’s asset movements, depreciations, maintenance and check-in/check-out processes. Get Asset management options range from complete barcode system to just asset software.

Complete Fixed Asset Tracking System Tailored to You

Wasp AssetCloud software makes tracking simple and painless, allowing you to end spreadsheet nightmares, stop wasting valuable time, and avoid losing costly assets. Asset management options range from complete barcode solutions to just asset software.

Asset Management Software

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Ditch the Spreadsheet

Automate Check-In/Check-Out

Track where your fixed assets are, who has your assets, and when your assets are due back. Checking out assets allows you to assign responsibility to an employee, a customer, or even a vendor. Checking in assets releases end user responsibility and allows the assets to be reallocated throughout your organisation.

Asset Management Software Australia

Wasp AssetCloud Examples of Use


Wasp AssetCloud provides insight to the full life cycle management of your IT assets and empowers you to make strategic decisions for your organisation.


Increase efficiency and standardise procedures for tool access and eliminate issues related to tool management and control.


The cost of lost and unused equipment can add up quickly. AssetCloud allows tracking of all your important equipment and makes it easy to keep a seamless tractability.


Maintaining compliance on funds issued to your organisation is crucial. AssetCloud allows you to manage the awarded funds as well as any assets purchased with those funds.


Individually managing large quantities of non-critical, but similar assets for compliance checks is time consuming. AssetCloud can simplify the process and expedite record keeping.


AssetCloud allows you to take control and monitor fixed assets that state and federal laws mandate be controlled and accounted for.

Organizations Trust Wasp Systems for Barcode Tracking

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All your organisation's asset data made accessible, adaptable, and reliable.


Save time by managing user accounts, permissions, and security settings in one place. Enterprise-grade role-based security allows you to define fine-grained access rights for each user.


Stop wasting your time logging information that is more easily captured with an efficient barcode asset tracking system.


Quickly find exactly what you need with smart views and conditional search feature. Users can create and save custom views that are pertinent to their needs and share them across the organization.


Choose a standard report or build our own. Compile and visualise data that keeps you informed about your organisation.

Track Assets Anywhere On Nearly Any Device

Performing scan-intensive transactions just got easier. Track assets on iOS, Android, or Wasp mobile computer devices. AssetCloud’s mobile flexibility helps you and your team stay connected and up-to-date on all your asset activity wherever you, or your assets, go.

Asset Management Software Australia
Asset Management Software Australia

AssetCloud + RFID Module

Eliminates the need to scan barcodes individually and makes asset tracking quicker and more accurate.

AssetCloud RFID Can Read Assets Wherever They Are

  • Easily visible
  • Stored up high out of reach
  • In a case or box
  • Hidden under a desk
  • RFID is up to 20 times faster than manual or barcode processes
  • Read dozens of tags simultaneously

Unlike barcodes, RFID doesn’t require a line of sight to capture it!

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Asset Management Software Australia
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Reporting Built for Accountability and Insight


AssetCloud’s reporting suite includes 25 common, pre-built reports that help you manage your assets and collect data-driven feedback. Every report provides a high level summary, while also allowing you to set parameters to drill down into specific assets, time periods, and numerous other data, so you have the information you need to make critical business decisions.


Tired of tracking software that can’t report on the data your organization needs? AssetCloud’s report design engine provides you the tools to create clear and accurate reports that are tailored to your business.


Managing several critical reports can be a chore. With AssetCloud, you can automatically schedule reports to be sent to you every day to ensure you receive the information you need for your business.

Asset Management Software Australia
Asset Management Software Australia

Easy Audits to Verify and Eliminate Inconsistencies

Performing asset audits is essential in verifying what assets your organisation actually owns and ensuring the accountability of your assets for accurate records. You can quickly conduct audits on a mobile computer, iOS, or Android device.

Triggered Notifications for Critical Intelligence

Receiving instant feedback on asset-related events within your organization allows everyone to be better informed. AssetCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers to save time and empower people with information.

Inventory Identical Multi-Quantity Assets

The multi-quantity asset feature provides your organisation with a fast and efficient way to consolidate and track how many identical assets you have - without tracking each individual item.

Centralize Contracts, Service Agreements, and Licenses

Ensuring all your assets are associated with their proper agreements allows you to manage your assets with greater efficiency and not lose sight of expiring contracts. AssetCloud provides your organisation with one centralised database that manages of all your contracts, service agreements and software licenses.

Customisation Depreciation for Accurate Bookkeeping

The process of setting up depreciation classes and calculating depreciation provides your organisation with proper record-keeping in a convenient and straightforward procedure. AssetCloud has 5 customizable methods of depreciation, which insure your organisation and accounting team are covered.

Asset Management Software Australia


  • Track assets by site, location, department, asset tag and serial number
  • Perform transaction anywhere using the AssetCloud mobile app.
  • Check-out assets to employees and customers
  • Audit assets by location or funding source on a PC or mobile device 
  • Print asset tags
  • Track funding sources
  • Custom e-mail notifications
  • Pre-built reports
  • Custom reporting tool
  • Report Scheduling
  • Custom Fields
  • Manage Contracts
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Track multi-quantity assets


  • Manage assets anywhere with existing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Eliminate wasted time spent searching for lost, misplaced, or checked-out assets
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses to replace lost equipment
  • Easily audit organisation’s assets on a PC or mobile computer
  • Track assets purchased with specific funding sources

Ideal For

  • IT assets like laptops, mobile devices and servers
  • Tools and equipment
  • Machinery and vehicles
  • Furniture and operational non-inventory items
  • Files and documents
  • Evidence tracking
  • Facility safety inspection


Wasp AssetCloud vs AssetCloudOP Asset Tracking Software

AssetCloud is a web-based asset management software solution and is cloud-hosted by Amazon. No installation or setup will be required. The back-end database is hosted and ready to go. Once you sign up you will be given a unique URL to your AssetCloud system to login and use. AssetCloud is subscription based with annual renewals.

AssetCloudOP (On-Premise) is a web-based asset management software solution hosted by the customer. You will be given a download link or a CD package. AssetCloudOP is a One-Time Cost, additionally, the software includes 1-year of prepaid Maintenance and Support, which allows user access to technical support specialists and software updates. After year one, the Maintenance and Support Contract must be renewed annually to continue receiving technical support and product updates. 

AssetCloudOP System Requirements:

  • Operating System: 64-bit,Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 (and onwards). 
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Free Disk Space: Min. 60GB HD Space, 512 GB recommended
  • Processor: Min. i7 2.8 GHz, 1 LAN card (Typically static IP address)
  • JavaScript must be enabled in web browser.

For more detailed system requirements please see the “Getting Started” section on the DVD.

If using Windows 10, only the Pro or Enterprise editions should be used; the Home/Standard edition of Windows 10 does not contain necessary components. Even if the OP product installs with no errors on Windows 10 Home/Standard, the product will not work correctly and Wasp will not support the OP product in that environment.

*** Please refer to below downloads for full details.

Wasp AssetCloud Downloads

AssetCloud and AssetCloudOP Brochure

AssetCloudOP Installation Guide and System Requirements

AssetCloud Demo Videos​

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