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Complete Barcode System

Basic to complex barcode systems, combined with modern hardware and software, and comprehensive local training and support, Scope Link has all your barcode systems needs covered. 

What is a Barcode System and What Does it Include?

A barcode system is a technology-based solution for identifying and tracking items. It includes barcodes for item identification, scanners to read the barcodes, printers to create labels, software for tracking and management and a databases for storing information.

Barcode System Examples Provided By Us

Asset & Equipment Management Systems

Wasp asset software makes tracking simple and painless, allowing you to end spreadsheet nightmares, stop wasting valuable time, and avoid losing costly assets. Further, Asset management options range from complete barcode systems to just asset software.

Inventory & Stock Management Systems

Take control of your inventory with Wasp InventoryCloud – the comprehensive inventory tracking system. By implementing Inventory Control, you can increase the value of your business, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve overall efficiency. With a range of inventory management options available, from complete barcode systems to standalone inventory software, you have the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Barcode Generator & Labeling Software

Wasp Labeler +2D barcode software offers an easy way to design, create, and print barcodes and barcode labels for your business’s tracking and inventory needs. Notably, it includes over 100 templates, allowing you to choose from a wide range of designs. And, the software enables you to create compliance labels and conveniently import existing files from CSV or Excel formats.

Barcode & QR Scanners

Comprehensive & modern technology barcode scanners are available to suit a wide range of applications, environments & barcode systems including; wired barcode scanners, wireless, rugged / tough, iOS, Apple, Android, tablet Bluetooth pocket sized barcode scanners, waterproof industrial barcode scanner and many more.

Barcode Printers

Barcode & label printers, designed for many types of applications, are available in various types and capacities, including wireless Bluetooth barcode label printers, desktop types, thermal transfer printers, thermal direct printers, industrial barcode label printers, and many more.

Mobile Computers

Enterprise & modern technology mobile computers. Designed to withstand diverse environments & temperatures. Ideal for warehousing, retail, asset tracking, inventory managements, events & much more. Available in different screen sizes, form factors, with or without keypads, waterproof and industrial, for warehousing, outdoor, indoor, healthcare, on-road sales, retail, hospitality and more.

Labels & Supplies

A broad range of labels, ranging from standard shipping to custom tags, is available to meet your requirements for different applications and environments. These labels include paper, vinyl, synthetic, thermal label, thermal transfer, shipping labels, asset labels, silver Mylar, stock labels, freezer grade labels, and many more.


Additionally, we offer a vast assortment of accessories and consumables for your barcode systems products.

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