Bixolon SRP-F310II Series

Thermal Printer

The SRP-F310II is a powerful 3-inch (80mm) thermal printing solution, producing high quality receipts and tickets at 180dpi and 203dpi. Featuring a robust, ergonomic front-exit design, with IP12 certification, patented Liquid-Barrier™ technology and built-in power supply, to provide the perfect under counter or space constrained printing solution. Featuring the All-In-One-Plus™ interface, built-in USB V2.0 & Ethernet + optional Serial, Parallel, Powered USB, Bluetooth or WLAN. The SRP-F310IIHi model also supports various USB peripherals, alongside web and cloud-based printing. While compatible with market-leading programming languages with an extensive range of drivers and SDKs.

Bixolon Thermal Printer
Environmental Endurance
  • Liquid-Barrier™ creates real waterproof and dustproof printing solution(IP12 certified)
  • Built-in power supply for space saving and water protection
Bixolon Thermal Printer
Ensuring Business Continuity
  • High reliability of 250km TPH with its Auto Cutter guaranteed up to 3 million cuts
  • Faster printing speed of up to 350 mm/sec,(29% faster than SRP-F310)
  • All in one Plus™ Interface (Built-in USB V2.0 + Ethernet) + Serial, Powered USB, Bluetooth or WLAN
Bixolon Thermal Printer
  • Paper save mode supported
  • Eco-friendly low power consumption technology adopted
  • Energy star certified


3 inch POS Printer

The SRP-F310II 3-inch (80mm) thermal printer, offers a front exit, splash proof design, featuring BIXOLON’s Liquid-Barrier™ technology and built-in power supply. Producing 180dpi or 300dpi printed media at an impressive 350mm/second makes it suitable for a number of applications in Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Warehousing and more.

#350mm/sec   #Front-exit   #Premium  #Dual WLAN

Bixolon Thermal Printer

Ideal For

Transport and Logistics


3-inch Thermal mPOS Hub Printer

The SRP-F310IIHi is a mPOS Hub interface transforming the SRP-F310II front exit printer into a mPOS receipt and ticket printing device with the ability to print directly from smart device applications. Ideal for a range of Retail and Hospitality applications with the option for under counter printing.

#350mm/sec  #Front-exit   #Premium  #B-gate  #Dual WLAN

Bixolon Thermal Printer

Ideal For


Software Support

  • XPM™
  • mPrint App (Android, iOS)
  • mPrint Server (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Bixolon Utility(Android, iOS)
  • Unified POS Utility
  • Net Configuration Tool
  • Windows Driver
  • Linux / Mac CUPS Driver
  • Virtual COM USB Driver
  • OPOS Driver
  • JPOS Driver
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Windows SDK
  • Linux SDK
  • Chrome SDK
  • Xamarin SDK
  • Cordova Plugin



(SRP-F310II) Product Brochure-Datasheet

(SRP-F310IIHi) Product Brochure-Datasheet

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(SRP-F310IIHi) Click Here for How to Videos, Full Setup Guides, Manuals and Software Downloads