ChepTrack – A Custom Developed Barcode Tracking Solution


ChepTrack is our in-house custom program developed specifically for CHEP AUSTRALIA to track the movements and damages of their pallets, crates, containers etc. Custom program has been written to run and track using PDA mobile computer devices and Desktop computer applications.

The primary focus of implementing such a customized barcoding system such as ChepTrack was to eliminate the daily errors in data capture which was almost entirely done by the employees manually using pen and paper. And this is proven time and time again that with this type of old fashioned manual tracking, it was evident and clear the existence of daily inconveniences for employees, customers and the business entirely, as a result costing thousands of dollars in items being lost, incorrect and inefficient records collected manually and the vast amounts of time wasted in finding accurate data when needed.

CHEP Australia had to come up with a solution fast to put an end to these issues, they began acquiring for an automated barcoding system and therefore approached our team of experts through one of our labeling vendors to help consult and present a solution that will help automate the processes involved in tracking their goods.

ChepTrack was implemented and supplied as a complete solution which included the following:

ChepTrack Desktop Application:
Is part of the entire customized solutions which runs on the PC side and is responsible in allowing CHEP AUSTRALIA users to generate reports, view data using sophisticated and modern filtering features, create users and other special prerequisites which are a part of the data collection procedures of CHEP AUSTRALIA. The Desktop application works simultaneously with the PDA Mobile Computer application and together they connect and communicate with the same centralized database.

ChepTrack PDA Mobile Computer Application:
Is also a very crucial part of the entire ChepTrack barcode solution and is responsible in allowing CHEP AUSTRALIA users to collect data on the floor while completely mobile and away from the desktop application. The process of data collection is performed via barcode scanning of items, interacting with the touchscreen of the PDA device to select predefined and prerequisite information and entering other data manually directly onto the screen and within the ChepTrack Mobile Computer PDA Application. Additional customized features also allow users to capture images of items in situations where items are returned from the customer and contain damages, these types of information collection and data storage is extremely crucial for CHEP AUSTRALIA to prove to their customers via reporting of the necessary information and as a result billed back to the customer.
ChepTrack PDA Mobile Computer Application works as a batch in mobile mode, the data collected is stored seamlessly in the memory of the PDA device. When the users are ready they simply dock the PDA device in the docking station/cradle and select the “Synchronize” button. ChepTrack then takes over and processes the data from the storage back to the centralized database ready for the Desktop application to view and generate the necessary reporting.

ChepTrack Barcode System has helped CHEP AUSTRALIA eliminate and automate a complete barcoding solution from A to Z.

We estimate that ChepTrack Barcode System has helped CHEP AUSTRALIA save $50,000 on average per month per site.

ChepTrack Barcode System was initially implemented for the Melbourne site and they quickly noticed the benefits and huge ROI, then shortly after they decided to implement the exact same ChepTrack Barcode System in the Lidcombe NSW site. Many years on, ChepTrack Barcode System is still going strong and still saving thousands of dollars for CHEP AUSTRALIA.

In the coming years, CHEP AUSTRALIA is looking to convert the ChepTrack system into a cloud based application as well as implementing the same in their other sites around Australia and potentially globally.

The hardware devices used with ChepTrack Barcode System

  1. CipherLab CP60 Laser 1D Barcode PDA Mobile Computer
  2. Thermal Direct Stickers