CipherLab 15XX Barcode Scanners

General Handheld Barcode & 2D QR Scanner. Corded or Cordless

Bringing retail productivity and performance up to speed, the 1500 Barcode and 2D QR Scanner series offer powerful reliability with efficiency. Ideal for a wide range of applications from retail to healthcare and post offices, its ergonomic design provides extreme durability – day in, day out. Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Simply pair the scanner via Bluetooth and start scanning.



CipherLab 1500 Barcode Scanner (Corded)

The 1500P offers accuracy & efficiency with the reliability of no moving parts for low cost of ownership. Delivering a snappy 520 decodes/second, the 1500P’s 2500-pixel optical scanner reads multiple symbologies in a single tool & provides auto-sense scanning. 

CipherLab 1502 Barcode Scanner (Corded)

Lightweight & ergonomic, this handheld laser barcode scanner enables workers to capture critical data from 2 to 57 cm away quickly, accurately, & comfortably shift after shift in any work environment of retail, healthcare & public sector. 

CipherLab 1504 Barcode & 2D QR Scanner (Corded)

The 1504A corded 2D handheld barcode scanner combines versatility with speed & efficiency for a wide range of applications. Supporting both 1D & 2D barcodes, the 1504A reads high density 1D barcodes as small as 3 mil & 2D barcodes commonly printed on medicine packaging. The option of auto sense scanning adds extra convenience & comfort for workers handling intensive scanning tasks. 

CipherLab 1504 Barcode & 2D QR Scanner (Corded)

The 1504P corded 2D handheld barcode scanner presents an economical solution for user demand on reading 2D barcodes. Adopting white illumination & an aiming aid, the 1504P delivers efficient scanning performance, even on color barcodes. Crafted for POS applications to capture various kinds of barcodes, the 1504P is able to read 1D & 2D barcodes of high density, & the ones shown on mobile phones for promotion activity & membership.

CipherLab 1500 Barcode Scanner (Corded)

1500H series handheld barcode scanner, with antimicrobial treatment & disinfectant-friendly housing, delivers high work efficiency while fighting bacteria. The decode rate of linear imager option is up to 200 times per second & can read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution which is quite useful for applications in retail, healthcare & public sector. 

CipherLab 1560 Barcode Scanner (Wireless Bluetooth)

Increase productivity & accelerate workflow with the fast, dependable 1560P Bluetooth® wireless handheld linear barcode scanner. Delivering a speedy 520 scans/second, the 1560P’s 2500-pixel optical scanner reads multiple symbologies in a single tool, ensuring versatility that can meet all of your operational requirements, especially for the field of retail, healthcare & public sector. 

CipherLab 1562 Barcode Scanner (Wireless Bluetooth)

Enable workers to accomplish more with the agile, dependable 1562 Bluetooth® wireless handheld laser barcode scanner. Built for long-lasting service, companies benefit from years of use & error-free data capture of critical information in the office or on the warehouse floor – all with a click of a trigger. The 1562 Bluetooth®wireless scanners have a 90-meter line-of-sight range from the communication stand. When out of range, switch to batch mode & record over 30,000 scans.

CipherLab 1564 Barcode & 2D QR Scanner (Wireless Bluetooth)

CipherLab’s 1564A wireless Bluetooth handheld 2D barcode scanner offers enhanced data capture to streamline everyday processes in retail, medical, & postal environments. The 1564A is able to read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution & 2D barcodes. It connects with the communication stand from a Bluetooth® range of 90 meters (295 feet) away, enabling workers to get more done in more places.

Ideal For

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Field Mobility
  • Agriculture
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Office use
  • Education Departments & Servcies
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Supply & tool/store rooms
  • Trade
  • Construction & Mining
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications 


1500 Series Downloads

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