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Equipment Tracking System Australia

Elevate your organization’s equipment management with our streamlined Tracking System. From check-in/check-out to maintenance, choose the perfect solution from our range, whether it’s a complete tracking system or standalone software.

Complete Equipment Tracking System Tailored to You

An Equipment Tracking System is a digital solution that efficiently monitors and manages the location, usage, and maintenance of equipment. Such system optimizes resource allocation, enhances accountability, and streamlines operations, ensuring organizations have real-time insights into equipment status for improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Equipment Tracking

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Ditch the Spreadsheet

Automate Check-In/Check-Out

Effortlessly monitor the location, user, and return dates of your equipment. Checking out items enables seamless assignment to employees, customers, or vendors, optimizing responsibility allocation. Furthermore, checking in equipment relinquishes end-user responsibility, facilitating efficient reallocation within your organization.

Equipment Tracking

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Ensure the accessibility, adaptability, and reliability of your organization's equipment data.


Efficiently streamline user account, permission, and security management with our centralized platform. Implement enterprise-grade role-based security to precisely tailor access rights for individual users, enhancing overall efficiency.


Boost your productivity by ditching manual data entry. Opt for a streamlined barcode equipment tracking system to effortlessly capture and manage information, saving you valuable time.


Effortlessly discover precise information using intuitive views and a powerful conditional search function. Craft and store personalized views tailored to your requirements, easily sharing them throughout your organization.


Select a standard report or create a customized one. Aggregate and visualize data to stay updated on your organization's performance.

Track Equipment Anywhere On Nearly Any Device

Facilitate scan-intensive transactions effortlessly. Track equipment seamlessly on iOS, Android, or Barcode mobile devices. Our equipment tracking mobile solution ensures constant connectivity, keeping you and your team updated on equipment activity, no matter where you or your equipment are located.

Equipment Tracking
Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking + RFID Module

Eliminates the need to scan barcodes individually and makes equipment tracking quicker and more accurate.

Equipment Tracking RFID Can Read Equipment Wherever They Are

  • Easily visible
  • Stored up high out of reach
  • In a case or box
  • Hidden under a desk
  • RFID is up to 20 times faster than manual or barcode processes
  • Read dozens of tags simultaneously

Unlike barcodes, RFID doesn’t require a line of sight to capture it!

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Tool Tracking
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Reporting Built for Accountability and Insight


Enhance your business decisions with Equipment Tracking's robust reporting suite featuring 25 pre-built reports. Effectively manage equipment, gather data-driven insights, and access high-level summaries. Customize parameters to delve into specific equipment, time frames, and diverse data sets, ensuring comprehensive information for informed decision-making.


Frustrated with ineffective tracking software incapable of delivering essential data for your organization? Utilize our Equipment Tracking System report design engine, empowering you to generate precise and customized reports aligned with your business needs.


Efficiently handle multiple essential reports with our Equipment Tracking Software. Automate the scheduling of daily report deliveries, ensuring you consistently access vital business information.

Equipment Tracking
Equipment Tracking

Easy Audits to Verify and Eliminate Inconsistencies

Conducting equipment audits is crucial to confirm your organization's assets and maintain accurate records of accountability. Utilize a mobile computer, iOS, or Android device for efficient audit processes.

Triggered Notifications for Critical Intelligence

Get immediate insights on equipment-related incidents in your organization with our Equipment Tracking System. Customize triggers using our notification engine, enhancing efficiency and empowering your team with valuable information.

Inventory Identical Multi-Quantity Equipment - ie PPE

The multi-quantity equipment function offers a swift and effective method for your organization to centralize and monitor the quantity of identical items, spare parts, or PPE without the need to individually track each item.

Centralize Contracts, Service Agreements, and Licenses

Ensuring proper association of equipment with respective agreements enhances efficient item management and averts oversight of expiring contracts. Our Equipment Tracking system centralizes databases, efficiently managing contracts, service agreements, and software licenses for your organization. Utilize this system to effortlessly track and monitor agreement statuses, streamlining overall operations.

Customisation Depreciation for Accurate Bookkeeping

Setting up depreciation classes and calculating depreciation is crucial for effective record-keeping and ensures a streamlined process for your organization. Our Equipment Tracking System offers 5 customizable depreciation methods, providing comprehensive coverage for your organization and accounting team. These features support precise financial reporting and seamless integration with your existing accounting systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

Equipment Tracking


  • Track equipment by site, location, department, item number and serial number
  • Perform transaction anywhere using the Equipment Tracking mobile app.
  • Check-out equipment to employees and customers
  • Audit equipment by location or funding source on a PC or mobile device 
  • Print barcode labels and tags
  • Track funding sources
  • Custom e-mail notifications
  • Pre-built reports
  • Custom reporting tool
  • Report Scheduling
  • Custom Fields
  • Manage Contracts
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Track multi-quantity equipment


  • Manage equipment anywhere with existing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Eliminate wasted time spent searching for lost, misplaced, or checked-out equipment
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses to replace lost equipment
  • Easily audit organisation’s equipment on a PC or mobile computer
  • Track equipment purchased with specific funding sources

Ideal For

  • Tools and equipment
  • PPE, spare parts etc
  • IT assets like laptops, mobile devices and servers
  • Machinery and vehicles
  • Furniture and operational non-inventory items
  • Files and documents
  • Evidence tracking
  • Facility safety inspection


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