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Hand Sanitiser Bulk Buy

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We are a barcoding company. Given the current unprecedented times, we wanted to do our part in helping the demands of the community on crucial sanitary items to help ease the spread of viruses.

A Short Message from us:

Antibacterial hand sanitiser bulk buy: It is no brainier that buying anything in bulk quantities usually means better value for money, and this is definitely no exception.

If you want to buy singles then best to stick with the supermarkets or pharmacies, otherwise for large families, businesses, sports teams, gyms, offices, government department, clinics, hospitals or pretty much any facility bound to have crowds, it would be much more cost effective and feasible to buy hand sanitisers in bulk.

Please be advised that we are not making much on these hand sanitisers and our aim isn’t to make money off of these but most importantly to help stop this global crises from becoming an absolute disaster. We can all try and do our best to do our part and together it can be a true united force. Be it a hand sanitiser, toilet paper, face mask or whatever, every little person’s contribution has an overall significant impact.

Selling hand sanitisers is not really part of our business as we are predominantly a barcoding company. We have decided to introduce this provision to the public in such unprecedented times in order to meet the demands of the community and most importantly help in slowing down the spread of viruses and germs.