Information Sharing Has Been Made Easy By QR Codes & Scanners

Information Sharing Has Been Made Easy By QR Codes & Scanners

In an age where information is too hard to be stored in hard forms using obsolete methods, compact storage and fast-sharing is of great concern both for small-scale and large-scale businesses. Latest Technology has made it very easier for us to achieve that through technologies that help you in fast-paced operations, easy tracking of your stock and access to data.

Also, you now don’t even need to exhaust your resources on manpower; you can cut down the costs and optimise your business outlook just by employing the latest tools and make it all streamlined.

QR Codes are like barcodes except that they can keep information in two dimensions, they’re part of the 2D family of barcodes while barcode with vertical lines are part of the 1D family and only carry information through 1D (1 dimension). A barcode has solid lines and spaces that represent a code, while a QR Code has block and spaces where the code is stored. Therefore, they can store more vast information while maintaining its small size. Once you have coded the desired information into a QR Code using a barcode or QR Code software, and for you to scan or read these codes, you would require a QR scanner.

Once the QR Code is scanned by a QR Code scanner, the data is then automatically decoded and then can be processed immediately, or can be used to help analyze the data and make decisions for the stock or whatever database, ERP system that carries your information regarding the QR Code. In order to be able to smoothen the operations of your company you would first need to have one essential item before you can make the functioning of your business easier: QR Code scanner.

There are multiple kinds of QR Code scanners:

General Purpose QR Code Scanners:

A general purpose 2D barcode scanner is used where no odd conditions are present for it to scan the code. This scanner is able to scan 2D codes which is what a QR Code is as sated above.

The QR Code scanner comes both as a wireless and wired form of interfaces; so if you are required to scan objects that can easily come to a counter to get scanned then you may use the wired scanner, but in case you are supposed to scan something that’s not within the range of the wire attached to the scanner then you’d need to use the wireless scanner aka a Bluetooth enabled 2D scanner. The prices would be different; otherwise, help you in the same scenarios with the same imager and 2D scan engine. A wireless 2D scanner offers a more mobile and free operation whereby you could walk around your business premises and to your products in order to scan them, they’re generally used in warehouses, transportation and industries where mobile movement is essential.

Companion QR Code Scanners:

Companion QR Code scanners are also able to read codes in two dimensions. Its notable feature is that it can fit well in a pocket and some can also be worn as a ring which are called Wearable Ring 2D Barcode Scanner. A companion barcode scanner can have either a 1D or a 2D scan engine, so it functions using light beams which when hit the blocks and spaces on a QR Code reflect the beam back and through the scanner’s optical module, it is able to decode the information stored within the QR Code. Some also have a built in LCD display which shows you the scanned code, some are rugged with drop ratings and ingress protection rating and can withstand harsh environments, some also a GPS module and some are compatible both with Android and iPhone. It is ideally used in field mobility, warehousing, transpot and logistics, large supermarkets, healthcare areas because of its small size and the features that capture and transfer information quickly using the Bluetooth/wireless interface.

Industrial QR Code Scanners:

Industrial QR Code Scanners are rugged and made for harsh environments. They generally have Ingress Protection and drop ratings which withstand drops onto concrete, these carry unique specs which determine the ruggedness of the QR Code scanner and are suitable for different environments that contain harsh, hot, freezing, wet conditions. They are ideal for manufacturing facilities, busy warehouses, on forklifts, in mobile mode situations where dropping of QR Code scanner is imminent. These types of scanners also come in different interfaces such as wired and/or wireless.

Presentation QR Code Scanners:

A Presentation QR Code Scanner is the type mostly used in point of sale functions, events, exhibitions, counter top, on top of conveyor belts etc. They are capable of capturing barcodes from all angles and also come with a decent readability range. These scanners are available in 1D or 2D scan engines as well as wired or wireless.

The main desirability of selecting such technology involves in some businesses requiring a scanner to be mounted or fixed onto a kiosk or a desk and simply wave the barcode in front of it to read, this is why you see such scanners also commonly used by service stations, supermarkets, retails shops etc. They simply sit there and wait until a QR Code is pointed in front of it, and once they detect the QR Code, they emit the LED light and capture it.

Some also have the ability to read 1D or 2D Barcodes that have been slightly damaged by heat, water, or any other environmental conditions. Some can be used to connect with Bluetooth devices as well, allowing them to share barcode data in mobile mode. Presentation QR Code Scanner saves a lot of time and provides excellent reading efficiencies with convenience and the best service that you would require for your application. These benefits allow it to be applicable for industries requiring fast-paced and continuous mode or auto scanning.

Wearable QR Code Scanners:

Wearable QR Code scanner also known as a Ring Barcode Scanner, is used when both hands are occupied during normal work activities and prefer to scan barcodes on the go without having to put down items and picking up a scanner. Such scanners allow users to simply carry on performing their work tasks using both hands while having the wearable scanner worn in their index finger.

This kind of QR Code Scanner is generally very small in size, lightweight and can be used for as long as an entire shift. Most are compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and any other Bluetooth enabled device. Due to their portability and features they are often seen used in warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, large supermarkets, inventory or asset management.