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Inventory Management Software with Wasp Inventory Cloud

Enjoy quick and accurate physical inventory cycle counts, eliminate stockouts and write-offs, and maintain full inventory management from the loading dock to the end user with Wasp Inventory Cloud Management software solution.

Wasp Inventory Cloud Management Software - Designed for Your Operation

Built with knowledge collected from thousands of Wasp inventory client use cases in Australia and US, our physical inventory management systems come out of the box ready to improve the way you do business.

Inventory Management Software

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Eliminate Manual Inventory Management

Streamline Inventory Audits and Cycle Counts 

Implementing a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) like InventoryCloud can help you maintain accurate stock counts, reduce errors, and eliminate time-consuming manual entry of items, location bins, pick orders, and inventory receiving. With real-time inventory reports, you can compile and analyze crucial data, such as transactions by site or warehouse, itemized inventory levels by SKU, or individual customer purchase order history.

Such WMS also provides automatic low stock level notifications, ensuring you never miss another sale due to stockouts. You can set automatic re-order points down to each bin location and specify preferred vendors for each inventoried item, streamlining your inventory management process and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Inventory Management Software

Wasp Inventory Cloud Examples of Use


Whether you're picking, packing, or shipping, Wasp inventory management software systems help you better manage warehouse inventory.


It can be a constant struggle to maintain essential supplies for just a single business division, but Wasp inventory management software systems make it easy.


The costs incurred from just a single inefficient manufacturing process can be staggering, which is why manufactures turn to Wasp.


Stocking issues are retail's kryptonite, because you can't sell a product you don't have, but we have a solution to stockouts.


No matter if you're a construction company or a hospital, there's a constant demand for critical supplies and we help you track all of those.


As a manufacturer, you just can't get around this. We help you manage and maintain both for superior tracking and tractability.

Organizations Trust Wasp Systems for Barcode Tracking

Inventory Management Software

Streamline Ordering Process

Wasp inventory management software provides critical, centralised process to control the management of ordering, receiving, and picking of both inventory and non-inventory items. One unified platform to manage your orders from all departments and channels, with instant status updates on both purchase and pick/sales orders.

Inventory Management Software

Purchase with a Purpose

Purchase orders requisitions for inventory items by manually entering or automatically generated using triggered alerts for low inventory items is made simple. Inventory and non-inventory purchased items and services can be consolidated on a single purchase order. Buyers can make decisions on purchase order quantities and due dates supported by price and delivery history for approved vendors.

Inventory Management Software

Quick, Accurate, Validated

Prepare pick orders requisitions for inventory items to ensure the right product, right order, and right customer every time. Inventory and non-inventory purchased items and services can be consolidated on a single pick order and provided to inventory pickers to ensure order accuracy. Wasp inventory management software puts a more efficient picking process with mobile barcode scanning to identify picking errors at the source, thus eliminating the time spent finding and correcting errors when back at a packing station.

Inventory Management Software

Drop Ship On Demand

When picking an order and don’t have enough on hand to fulfil has been solved with Wasp inventory allowing you to convert the pick order to a purchase order instantly and have the goods shipped directly from your vendor to your customer. There's no need to adjust your stock levels, receiving items in, or adjust the current pick order.

Inventory Management Anywhere

Performing scan-intensive inventory audits just got much easier. Track inventory on iOS, Android or Wasp mobile computer devices. InventoryCloud’s mobility allows you to stay on top of your inventory, always.

Inventory Management Software

Ultimate Mobility and Centralised Real-Time Data


Manage inventory at as many sites as you choose – even globally. With InventoryCloud’s web-based software solution, you can manage inventory at as many sites as you need in Australia or globally. Users can have permissions to access to one, multiple or all sites. Run reports on one site or multiple sites.


Performing inventory audits has never been easier. You can utilise InventoryCloud with iOS, Android, or Wasp mobile computer devices. Maintain visibility over your inventory levels no matter where you go.


InventoryCloud allows you to receive notifications of events such as low inventory levels, expiring items, late orders, checked-out items past due, and more. These alerts can pop up in the application as well sent out via e-mail. InventoryCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers and avoid unnecessary stockouts.

Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software Australia

Let the App do the Math for You

InventoryCloud warehouse management software delivers a high-degree of flexibility in the management of product units of measure. Your organisation can define global and product-specific unit of measure conversions that allow you to operate on your terms and the math conversion is handle by our software.

Real-Time 360-Degree View of Your Inventory

Take advantage of accurate, real-time customizable inventory reports. Wasp InventoryCloud allows you to build reports based on your individual needs. Wasp allows you to maximise your control and make data-driven decisions based on accurate reports.

Correct Inventory, Correct Location, Every Time

Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world. Take advantage of inventory visibility to boost efficiency. With the iOS and Android applications combined with the web based reporting managing inventory effectively has never been easier.

Set Tiers and Automate Price Changes

Have overstock of an item or a customer set that needs special pricing? Setting up and managing pricing tiers is just a click away and allows you to ditch manual calculation and automates and tracks all pricing changes.

Intelligent Tracking of Containers

License plating or containers is a method for grouping and managing inventory by container. You decide what constitutes a container. Pallets, product cartons, trucks or ocean freight boxes can all be a container, which simplifies managing logistics and tracking of key information for a group of items.

Customise to Your Terminology

Having a software system that defines fields that doesn’t fit your business is no longer an issue. Setting up and defining every field to fit your business is quick and easy. This allows you to reduce training time and employees no longer have to interpret field names.

Inventory Management Software Australia

See InventoryCloud Software in Use


InventoryCloud's user-friendly design allows for quick application onboarding to get your organisation tracking faster.


Centralised management of user accounts, permissions, and security settings allows you to define role-based access rights for each user.


Add, view and manage inventory item information across multiple sites and locations within one application.


Not only can you modify app terms to fit your business language, you can create and save custom data views that are pertinent to individual user needs and share the view across the organisation.


Along with InventoryCloud's many standard reports, you can build our own custom reports to ensure your organisation has relevant, timely information about your inventory.


  • Track inventory by item number, site, location, serial number, lot and date code
  • Perform transaction anywhere using the InventoryCloud mobile app with a live internet connection
  • Multi-site tracking
  • Setup low stock notifications
  • Create purchase orders
  • Create pick orders
  • Print inventory tags
  • Build kits and assemblies
  • Track lot and date codes of items
  • Custom e-mail notifications
  • Pre-built reports
  • Custom reporting tool
  • Report scheduling
  • Custom fields
  • Track a single item with multiple units of measure


  • Improve business profitability and purchasing efficiency
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts for fewer inventory write-offs
  • Ensure that the right items are in stock to meet customer demand
  • Avoid cumbersome manual processes
  • Maintain comprehensive visibility of inventory details with embedded management reports
  • Simplify the audit process & ensure accuracy
  • Manage inventory anywhere from any computer with internet access or through the mobile app
  • Real time notifications of low stock items
  • Record where items are going once they leave your inventory

Ideal For

  • Warehouses
  • Light manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Retailers
  • Stock rooms & supply closets
  • Inventory-carrying trucks, ships or containers
  • Installation contractors or any business that buys, stocks and sells parts and products

Wasp InventoryCloud vs InventoryCloudOP Inventory Tracking Software

InventoryCloud is a web-based inventory management software and is cloud-hosted by Amazon. No installation or setup will be required. The back-end database is hosted and ready to go. Once you sign up you will be given a unique URL to your InventoryCloud system to login and use. InventoryCloud is subscription based with annual renewals. You can access InventoryCloud inventory management software from anywhere in Australia or even globally.

InventoryCloudOP (On-Premise) is a web-based inventory management software hosted by the customer. You will be given a download link or a CD package. InventoryCloudOP is a One-Time Cost, additionally, the software includes 1-year of prepaid Maintenance and Support, which allows user access to technical support specialists and software updates. After year one, the Maintenance and Support Contract must be renewed annually to continue receiving technical support and product updates. 

InventoryCloudOP System Requirements:

  • Operating System: 64-bit,Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 (and onwards). 
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Free Disk Space: Min. 60GB HD Space, 512 GB recommended
  • Processor: Min. i7 2.8 GHz, 1 LAN card (Typically static IP address)
  • JavaScript must be enabled in web browser.
  • For more detailed system requirements please see the “Getting Started” section on the DVD.

If using Windows 10, only the Pro or Enterprise editions should be used; the Home/Standard edition of Windows 10 does not contain necessary components. Even if the OP product installs with no errors on Windows 10 Home/Standard, the product will not work correctly and Wasp will not support the OP product in that environment.

*** Please refer to below downloads for full details.

Wasp InventoryCloud Downloads

InventoryCloud and InventoryCloudOP Brochure

InventoryCloudOP Installation Guide and System Requirements

InventoryCloud Demo Videos

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