Labels & Tags for All Applications​

Scope Link offers a broad range of labels from standard shipping to custom tags to meet your requirements. We offer Shipping Labels, Asset Labels, Inventory Labels & many more tags and label.

Generic Label Options

A broad range of labels from standard shipping to custom tags are available to meet your requirements for different applications & environments. Scope Link has it all, to name a few:

  • Thermal Labels
  • Thermal Direct Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Custom Labels
  • Healthcare/Medical Grade Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Retail/POS Labels
  • Asset Labels
  • Inventory Labels
  • Maintenance Labels
  • Manufacturing Labels
  • Durable Labels for All Harsh Environments (Mining/Construction etc)
  • Freezer Grade Labels
  • Oven/Chemical Grade Labels
  • Many Types of Label Materials Including; Paper Labels, Poly labels, Synthetic Labels, Silver Mylar Metallic Labels etc.
  • And Much More…

Other Available Stock Supplies:

  • Ribbons (Wax Ribbons, Wax Resin Ribbons & Full Resin Ribbons)
  • Wristbands
  • Tags

Scope Link Labels & Tags

Labels & tags come in a dynamic variety of sizes, stickiness & material. There are two main materials; direct thermal or thermal transfer labels. There are also ones that last long to withstand extreme temperatures & harsh environments or for short-term use, such as shipping labels. With all these choices, it can get overwhelming so please feel free to contact us for guidance.

Selecting the Right Label Type

  • Application: Labels come in many forms including; tags, receipts, tickets, cards, wristbands & more. Normally the application at hand defines the form of label, such as; asset tagging, inventory tracking, event management, POS, prescription, books etc.
  • Material: There are two main materials of labels: paper & synthetics aka vinyl. Paper is generally used for direct thermal labels, while synthetics are used for thermal transfer.
  • Print Methods: 
    Direct Thermal Labels; usually used for items that have a short life span or in applications where the tracking period is short such as; ticketing, wristbands & shipping. This label method is primarily used indoors due to its vulnerability to light & heat. 

    Thermal Transfer Labels; are durable & resistant to most chemicals & harsh environments. They’re usually found in applications that require a longer shelf life, including outdoor environments.
  • Durability: Labels are tested for strength, temperature tolerance; resistance to abrasion, liquids, chemicals & more.
  • Adhesive: A wide range of adhesives are available for different applications. Main types include; adhesive, super-adhesive, removable glue, high temperature, cold temperature, all temperature & more. Adhesive selection is dependant on the type of surface, environment & life span of the product.
  • Size: A wide array of labels are available for generic use for everything from jewellery to massive shipping containers. Custom sizes can also be to order.
  • Other: Additional options include label surface type; Gloss & Matt,  lamination, void labels, perforations, face & back slits, colour & more.