Ownership and Funding Information

Scope Link Barcode Technologies is a privately owned company that operates with a commitment to transparency and ethical practices. We value the trust of our stakeholders and strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding our ownership structure and funding sources. The following information provides an overview of our ownership and funding:

1. Ownership Structure

Scope Link Barcode Technologies is privately held, and the company’s ownership is divided among a group of individuals and entities. The specific details of our ownership structure are confidential and subject to contractual agreements and legal considerations. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing corporate ownership and governance.

2. Funding Sources

As a privately owned company, Scope Link Barcode Technologies relies on a combination of funding sources to support our operations, research and development, and growth initiatives. These funding sources may include:

  • Private Investments: We may seek investments from private individuals, venture capital firms, or other entities that share our vision and are aligned with our strategic goals.
  • Internal Revenue: Our business generates revenue through the sale of products, services, and solutions, which contributes to funding our ongoing operations and development efforts.
  • Grants and Funding Programs: We actively explore opportunities to secure grants and participate in funding programs offered by government agencies, industry associations, and research organizations. These grants and programs may support specific projects, research initiatives, or innovation endeavours.

3. Grant and Funding Allocation

When receiving grants or participating in funding programs, Scope Link Barcode Technologies ensures that funds are allocated responsibly and in alignment with the program’s objectives and requirements. We adhere to the terms and conditions set by the grantors or funding organizations, which often include reporting, compliance, and accountability measures.

4. Financial Reporting and Transparency

Scope Link Barcode Technologies maintains financial reporting and transparency practices in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We maintain accurate financial records and provide necessary disclosures to regulatory bodies, tax authorities, and stakeholders as required. While specific financial details are considered confidential, we aim to provide meaningful insights and updates through appropriate channels.

5. Ethical Conduct and Compliance

Scope Link Barcode Technologies upholds a strong commitment to ethical conduct and compliance in all financial matters. We adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to financial reporting, accounting practices, and funding compliance. We promote transparency, integrity, and accountability throughout our financial operations.


Scope Link Barcode Technologies is a privately owned company that operates with transparency, ethical practices, and a commitment to responsible funding. We value the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our ownership structure and funding sources. By maintaining strong financial practices, we ensure the sustainability and growth of our organization.