StockTake App Plus

StockTake App Plus

You can now say goodbye to tedious pen and per inefficient and outdated manual systems and forget about having to face loosing valuable inventory items. Download the App and let it get your stock up to scratch.

Our own in-house developed StockTake App Plus. Take control of your stock and never worry about stock discrepancies again!

Tour & How-to Video

StockTake App Plus:

StockTake App Plus application is designed to perform data collection of stock, inventory items, assets or any other types of items that require counting or stocktaking. This app provides true stocktake features.

You can download your Lookup File which is also known as Item List into the app, the app will then recognize the barcodes when scanned and display their description. If an item is not found in the Lookup File, it will allow you to add it in as well as save the count record.

The stocktake counts list as well as the lookup file can be exported and shared via email, WhatsApp, Google Drive or any other sharing app that resides on your phone.

The StockTake App Plus is user friendly and straightforward so take control of your stock and never worry about stock discrepancies again.

For more information, please check out the video and images. You can also reach out to us directly with any queries.


It is NOT recommended to capture barcodes with the camera of your Android device.

The StockTake App Plus is a true AIDC program and is designed to work with Android devices that have a built-in barcode scanning engine. Click HERE for options.

Although using the camera of your Android phone is supported, it is definitely a flimsy and slow way of capturing barcodes therefore not recommended. Alternatively you could purchase one of our endorsed, pocket sized Bluetooth barcode scanners which relatively will turn your Android device into a complete barcode enterprise device saving you money. Click HERE for options.