Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer

Urovo DT40 Enterprise Mobile Computer

Enterprise security/Driving mobility
The Urovo DT40 is specially designed with a chic outlook, industrial reliability and enterprise level security. This DT40 is ideal for many types of environments and applications such as retail, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing industries and more. This innovative user-oriented device has a keypad, latest octa-core A53 CPU architecture, extended operational hours with 4500mAh battery and top-grade.

Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer

Professional Scan Engine

The integrated professional scan engine in the DT40 responds to almost any barcode type in the world. Experience an unparalleled, reliable, 1D and 2D barcode capture for even the highest intensive scan tasks applications.

Maximum Workforce Productivity

The 4-inch high definition display provides outdoor readability. The 3 scan buttons offer a convenient scan with user’s choice to select the scan button according to their hand position while working. The Urovo TD40’s scan module comes in a slanted style for ease-of-scan. The device is highly rugged and can withstand numerous drops and various environments. Ultimately, the Urovo DT40 is designed for user comfort, workforce productivity and enterprise investment.

Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer

Mobile WIFI Solutions

The DT40 is equipped with 802.11r millisecond-level fast roaming technology which provides a seamless switching between access points, thus ensuring that devices are continuously connected to the right Wi-Fi access points that provide better signal strength and avoiding offline modes. Urovo DT40 Supports Roam Trigger settings, Roam Period settings as well as Roam Delta settings.

Ergonomic Keypad Design

The carefully designed 20-key keypad covers all required functions to meet the demands of applications that require physical key entries which eliminates the issue of unresponsive touch screens, especially when wet, and assures accurate input even while wearing gloves.

The DT40 keypads include multiple user-definable keys to customize keypad functions according to enterprise needs for high speed of use.

Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo DT40 Android Mobile Computer

Multiple Supporting Accessories​

The DT40 is even more user-friendly with the various attentively designed and supporting accessories including; a highly efficient scan experience with the trigger handle (pistol gun grip), a convenient operation of the charging cradle and reduced potential of device drop with the hand strap.

Urovo DT40 Accessories

Other Accessories

  • Extra battery – DT40BATTERY
  • Belt Holster For Use With Pistol Grip Attached, (Inc Shoulder Strap) – S171-000000–0000

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