Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

Urovo i6310 Enterprise Mobile Computer / Rugged Phone

This model is discontinued. Please Contact Us for updated versions.

The slimmest rugged Android Enterprise Mobile Computer in the industry.

The Urovo i6310 has been carefully engineered to meet the demands of businesses and to help streamline and cater for day to day business activities, especially in industries such as transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, government, construction and many others.

The i6310 mobile computer is equipped with high performance and latest hardware technologies to withstand and drive the ever-growing software complexities and demands in hardware performance. In addition; the i6310 is designed with ruggedness in mind offering 1.5M drop rating onto concrete and IP65 seal to protect itself from the ingress of dust and liquids. An overall state of the art mobile computer that is priced competitively and of excellent value.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

Ultra Slim, yet with industrial durability

13.3mm ultra slim design, weighs only 210g
industrial ruggedized design,passed 1.5m drop test.

The Urovo i6310 is easily suitable for field applications where mobility is essential, in industries such as (but not limited to): logistics, transportation, warehousing, cold freight & logistics, construction, engineering, government, healthcare industries and more.

Corning Gorilla Glass

The 5-inch high definition multi-touch display is made of Corning Gorilla? Glass, makes it exceptionally resistant to scratches and damages, and enables it be widely used in many industries.

The Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer is rugged and can withstand multiple drops onto concrete from heights up to 1.5M (5 ft) and is rated IP65. Such specification ensures the performance of the i6310 will not be affected by water, dust or droplets from entering the device.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

High-grade scan engine

The Urovo i6310 is configured with a world-class scan engine, Honeywell N6603, to enable the device to decode all types of 1D/2D barcodes with high motion tolerance. The click-to-scan button makes the scanning operation easy and natural.

The scan engine of the i6310 is designed to ensure seamless and accurate data capture, and this enables users to complete tasks swiftly and proficiently. The i6310 is ready to handle the dynamic challenges faced by businesses and is ready to start facing the demands of warehousing, logistics, transportation, healthcare, government and any other relevant industry where data capture and mobility is vital.

Fingerprint Verification

With high-performance fingerprint module and algorithm, the Urovo i6310 can verify the fingerprint fast and accurately to ensure protection of data.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer


The highly responsive NFC module can read and write many cards including ID card which is with ISO/IEC 14443, type B protocol.
It helps i6310 realize numerous functions such as e-payment, personal identification etc.

Strong positioning function

Integrating GPS, GLONASS and Beidou, the Urovo i6310 offers highly accurate positioning, with quicker responses.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

Customized Safedroid OS provides high security

The deep customized Safedroid OS, which is based on Android 8.1, prevents users from downloading and installing apps on Safedroid unless it is available on the Safedroid white list.

Type C USB Port

Waterproof type C USB port, enables use in various environment.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

AER Certification

The Urovo i6310 is backed by Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) Certification which enables support for future updates.

  • Zero-touch enrolment
  • Google APP and market
  • 90-day security updates
Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

i6310 Dimension Sensor

  • High Accuracy
  • Quick Response

i6310 Gun Grip

Innovative gun grip a 4500mAh built in battery provides a long-time power supply to guarantee high-intensive scanning.

Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer

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Urovo Scanner User Guide

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Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
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Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
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Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
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Urovo i6310 Android Mobile Computer
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