About Us

About Us

Welcome to Scope Link

Throughout the supply chain, you will find barcode tracking solutions & ideas provided & implemented by Scope Link. Specialising in barcode systems, asset & inventory tracking, warehouse & logistics systems, event management, custom developments & more.

Our Expertise

Since 2005 our absolute dedication has allowed us to gain mastery and proficiency in the AIDC Barcoding industry, and led us to a world of knowledge and to a stage where we can distribute what we know by guiding you to make the right decisions for the barcode tracking solutions you seek.

Our Journey

Having worked for many years with an extensive number of small to giant corporations like Google LLC, Coca Cola, BHP Billiton, QGC, Transfield Services, Lite n Easy, Endeavour Energy, Arnott's Biscuits, Chep Pallets, SunRice, Pureharvest, The Police Force & many more. We have developed a diverse skill set from delivering the simplest to the most complex barcode technologies.

Our Goal

Is to provide easy and straightforward solutions to make your business run more efficiently & cost-effectively by eliminating the use of pen & paper. As a result, maximising the return on investment.

Our Vision

Regardless of the scale of a business. No matter how the business operates & the functions in which it serves its clients. No matter its size and limitation. Scope Link is able to achieve the barcoding solutions the business needs to help it run more cost effectively, smoothly & efficiently.

Some of our Completed Projects