Barcode Compare App

Barcode Compare App for Android. Scan Master Barcode then Scan Slave Barcode(s) to Compare.

Our own in-house developed Free Barcode Compare App, designed to allow you to compare barcodes. Suitable for any Android device with a camera or any enterprise device with a built-in barcode scanner.

Barcode Compare App

The Barcode Compare App is simply a free barcode comparison checker or barcode “matcher” which allows you to compare scanned barcodes with the Master Barcode.

The Master Barcode is the main barcode that the slave barcodes are compared with. Start by scanning a Master Barcode and then scan the slave barcodes. If the slave barcodes are identical to the Master Barcode, you will get a valid beep, otherwise an invalid beep.

With Barcode Compare PRO, you are also able to save the scanned barcodes with Pass and Fail counts, an auto appended record date and time and the ability to export the data as CSV/Excel file format.

It is NOT recommended to capture barcodes with the camera of your Android device.
The Barcode Compare App is a true barcoding program and is designed to work with Android devices that have a built-in barcode scanning engine. Click HERE for options.

Although using the camera of your phone is supported, it is definitely a flimsy and slow way of capturing barcodes therefore not recommended. Alternatively you could purchase one of our endorsed, pocket sized Bluetooth barcode scanners which relatively will turn your Android device into a complete barcoding unit saving you money. Click HERE for options.


Barcode Compare PRO Sample Report