Free Asset Management App

Scan and Collect Your Asset’s Barcode and Information Using This Simple and User-Friendly App.

Our own in-house developed Free Asset Management App, designed for everyday assets data collection. Suitable for any Android device with a camera or any enterprise device with a built-in barcode scanner.

Free Asset Management App

The Free Asset Management App© is a straightforward & user friendly program designed to allow users to collect information on assets, including:

  • Asset Number (compulsory field)
  • Description
  • Serial number
  • Site
  • Location
  • Department
  • Category
  • Brand and Model
  • And more…

The Free Asset Management App© also allows you to import your data such as sites, locations, departments etc. to help streamline your asset’s data collections. A CSV file of the collected data can be exported and shared via compatible apps such as Google Drive, Email, WhatsApp etc…

For more information, please check out the video tour and images. You can also reach out to us directly with any queries.

It is NOT recommended to capture barcodes with the camera of your Android device.
The Free Asset management App is a true AIDC program and is designed to work with Android devices that have a built-in barcode scanning engine. Click HERE for options.

Although using the camera of your Android phone is supported, it is definitely a flimsy and slow way of capturing barcodes therefore not recommended. Alternatively you could purchase one of our endorsed, pocket sized Bluetooth barcode scanners which relatively will turn your Android device into a complete barcode enterprise device saving you money. Click HERE for options.