Free StockTake App

Free StockTake App

StockTake App for Android. Scan Location, Scan Items and Enter Their Quantities.

Our own in-house developed Free StockTake App, designed for everyday stocktake applications. Suitable for any Android device with a camera or any enterprise device with a built-in barcode scanner.

Free StockTake App

The Free StockTake App is designed to specifically perform simple stocktakes within a business or any organisation where keeping track of stock counts is essential.

The Free StockTake App is designed to keep track of your items based on their locations, reference number or any other reference related to the stocktake count in hand. At the end of your stocktake or whenever you wish, simply send the stocktake counts to a designated email address or share it via other apps like WhatsApp etc . The Free StockTake App delivers a smart stocktake report in CSV format as an attachment in the email. For more info, please refer to the “How To” button within the Free StockTake App.

It is NOT recommended to capture barcodes with the camera of your Android device.
The Free StockTake App is a true stocktake program and is designed to work with Android devices that have a built-in barcode scanning engine. Click HERE for options.

Although using the camera of your phone is supported, it is definitely a flimsy and slow way of capturing barcodes therefore not recommended. Alternatively you could purchase one of our endorsed, pocket sized Bluetooth barcode scanners which relatively will turn your Android device into a complete stocktake scanner saving you money. Click HERE for options.


Sample StockTake Report